COVID 19 Latest Update

We are currently experiencing uncertain times and we have an obligation to protect our most vulnerable citizens. As such, following the directive of Governor Mike DeWine and in an attempt to limit exposure to COVID 19, we will close the Senior Center building as of Wednesday, March 18, 2020. In addition to the closing of the Senior Center building, all activities that occur in that building will be cancelled. Shady Drive batting cage, Safetyville building and Community Cabin are all closed as of that date and all activities that occur in those facilities are cancelled. All of these cancellations and closures are until April 3, 2020 and further determinations will be made at that time.
In addition, our Meals on Wheels program and Senior transportation are suspended until further notice.
Any programs that are currently in operation will receive a full refund, partial refund and/or household credit.
Please keep yourself and your family members safe and remember to follow these recommendations:
1.      If you are sick, stay home. 
2.      Wash your hands. 
3.      Do not put your hands on your face. 
4.      Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth.
5.      Cover your cough. Cough in the crook of your arm, not your hands. If you cough in your hands, do not touch anything until you clean your hands.
6.      Get your medical advice from the CDC and not your friends, relatives, media, etc.
Please visit for further information on how to protect yourself and your family. 
We will continue to update this information as changes are made on our city's website at
  • Pickleball / Tennis Courts at South Central Park are temporarily closed 
  • Basketball Courts at South Central Park are closed and rims temporarily removed 
  • Public restrooms are open and cleaned by our cleaning company daily 
  • Indoor Facilities remain closed through May 1, 2020 

Program Instructors Wanted

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